Weekend Forecast: 'Spectre' & 'The Peanuts Movie'

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nov6.pngThe holiday movie season officially kicks off this weekend with the anticipated release of the 24th James Bond film, Spectre, and the long-awaited Peanuts Movie.



- The goodwill from Skyfall should carry over into opening weekend following that film's excellent word of mouth as part of an incredible $300 million+ domestic run.
- The return of director Sam Mendes and star Daniel Craig will further boost appeal to fans of the franchise's refreshed dramatic approach.
- Christoph Waltz marks yet another excellent casting choice in a villainous role.
- Overseas returns for the film's debut have already exceeded those of Skyfall's previous records.
- Social media buzz is very strong overall. 


- Unfortunately, reviews are considerably more modest this time around than they were for Skyfall.
- Repeating the 'lightning in a bottle' success of Skyfall will be impossible as that film's strong reception was supported by a smash single by Adele and the franchise's heavily celebrated (and marketed) 50th anniversary three years ago.
- While strong in relation to most films and early Bond entries, social media buzz isn't quite on fire ahead of release in the way Skyfall's was.
- Recent comments from Craig in the media about not returning to the franchise could be a factor, albeit a small one.

The Peanuts Movie


- The multi-generational appeal of Charles Schultz's beloved series gives the long-awaited movie adaptation a wide audience of parents, kids, and grandparents to draw from.
- The release date is timely given the popularity of the Peanuts holiday specials that have aired on television for decades.
- Reviews are fairly strong out of the gate. 


- Nostalgic appeal can be a wild card at the box office. See 2011's The Muppets, which under-performed against optimistic expectations.
- With two months of the holiday season still ahead, it's possible the film ends up back-loaded as families don't rush out to see it just yet.
- The film will also compete for kid and family audiences with Pixar's The Good Dinosaur beginning in three weeks.

Top 10 Forecast

BoxOffice projects this weekend's top ten films will accumulate around $164.2 million. That would represent a 15 percent improvement over the same weekend last year, which saw Disney's Big Hero 6 ($56.2 million) and Christopher Nolan's Interstellar ($47.5 million) debut atop the box office as part of an overall $142.6 million top ten gross.

Check out our complete weekend forecast in the table below.

Title Release Date Distributor Weekend Domestic Total through Sunday, November 8
Spectre Nov 6, 2015 Sony / Columbia
$85,000,000 $85,000,000
The Peanuts Movie Nov 6, 2015 Fox
$49,000,000 $49,000,000
The Martian Oct 2, 2015 Fox
$7,500,000 $195,500,000
Goosebumps Oct 16, 2015 Sony / Columbia
$5,700,000 $65,300,000
Bridge of Spies Oct 16, 2015 Disney / DreamWorks
$5,500,000 $54,500,000
Hotel Transylvania 2 Sep 25, 2015 Sony / Columbia
$3,200,000 $161,000,000
Burnt Oct 30, 2015 Weinstein Company
$2,700,000 $9,900,000
The Last Witch Hunter Oct 23, 2015 Lionsgate / Summit
$2,500,000 $23,500,000
Our Brand Is Crisis (2015) Oct 30, 2015 Warner Bros.
$1,600,000 $6,100,000
The Intern Sep 25, 2015 Warner Bros.
$1,500,000 $71,100,000

Phil Contrino, Daniel Garris, Alex Edghill, and Shawn Robbins contributed to this report.

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